How to parallel outer loop

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please kindly the attached code:


A and B are the same size of array, because the inner loop just change the value of A, and the value of B [j] is unchanged, so I want to use OPENACC to parallel outer loop, how to do?


You could add a directive like the following before the outer loop:

#pragma acc region

However, the compiler notes that there is a scalar dependency on the assignment of A inside the inner loop body, which is carried up to the outer loop as well:

13, Generating present_or_copyin(B[:])
Generating NVIDIA code
14, Loop carried scalar dependence for ‘A’ at line 18
Accelerator scalar kernel generated
16, Loop carried scalar dependence for ‘A’ at line 18
Generated 1 prefetches in scalar loop

I’m not sure you could deterministically compute a value for A in a parallel computation due to this scalar dependency.

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Hi Sisy,

Did you really mean for “A” to be an array? If so, then to just accelerate the outer loop, you can do something like:

#pragma acc kernels loop gang vector independent
#prama acc loop seq

“independent” may not be needed if you have specified A and B with the C99 “restrict” attribute.

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