How to pass optimization options to cicc?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to take a look at the 4.1 compiler just now. Now that nvopencc is being replaced by cicc for cc2.x, how do I pass optimization flags to cicc (through nvcc)?

nvopencc is quite happy with options like -O2 or -O3

but cicc so far only seems to work with -O0. Anything other than that becomes invalid option


$ nvcc -arch sm_20 -ptx -o 13.ptx -Xcicc -O1

Command-line error: invalid option: -O1

1 catastrophic error detected in this compilation.

Compilation terminated.

the output is apparently from cicc itself

Is it because cicc has only 1 supported optimization level? (usnig the option -O0 apparently gets the same results as without -Xcicc -O0)

If not how do I ask cicc to do less optimization for ptx?

Any NV people? Explanation? It seems to be the same with the 4.1 production release.