How to perform inference on tensorRT GAN model

Hello Guys !
I have implemented my Pix2Pix model in tensorrt using onnx format.
But I am not able to perform inference on tensorRT model, because input to the model in (3, 512, 512 ) image and output is also (3, 512, 512) image. The samples do not clearly show how to output image from tensorRT engine.

def get_image():
    img = _load_and_resize("/home/abdullah/Desktop/Profile.png")
    img = _shuffle_and_normalize(img)
    return img

def _load_and_resize(input_image_path):

    image_raw =
    # convention (width, height) in PIL:

    image_resized = image_raw.resize(
        (512, 512), resample=Image.BICUBIC)
    image_resized = np.array(image_resized, dtype=np.float32, order='C')
    return image_resized

def _shuffle_and_normalize(image):

    image /= 255.0
    # HWC to CHW format:
    image = np.transpose(image, [2, 0, 1])
    # CHW to NCHW format
    image = np.expand_dims(image, axis=0)
    # Convert the image to row-major order, also known as "C order":
    image = np.array(image, dtype=np.float32, order='C')
    return image
def _reshape_output(output):

    return np.reshape(output, (512, 512, 3))
def main():
    """Create inference for generator for eye."""

    onnx_file_path = 'generator.onnx'
    engine_file_path = "generator.trt"

    output_shapes = [(1, 3,512, 512)]
    image =  get_image()
    print('IMage shape is ', image.shape)
    # Do inference with TensorRT

    with get_engine(onnx_file_path, engine_file_path) as engine, engine.create_execution_context() as context:

        inputs, outputs, bindings, stream = common.allocate_buffers(engine)
        print('Running inference on image {}...'.format(1))
        inputs[0].host = image
        trt_outputs = common.do_inference(context, bindings=bindings, inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs, stream=stream)

    # Before doing post-processing, we need to reshape the outputs as the common.do_inference will give us flat arrays.
    trt_outputs = [output.reshape(shape) for output, shape in zip(trt_outputs, output_shapes)]

    image = _reshape_output(trt_outputs)
    image = np.array(image, dtype = 'float32')
    print('Output shape is ', trt_outputs.shape)

But the output is 9 black and white images stacked on each other. Please tell me, what is the best way to input image into tensorRT engine and how to get proper output from it.

TensorRT isn’t going to output images directly. It’s going to return a tensor with numerical data. There are Python libraries available that can be used to convert that into an image, but it isn’t specific to TensorRT. (e.g.:

Hi, Can I convert pretrained Pix2Pix model on pytorch into onnx, and onnx to tensorrt?

Where can I find out how to convert DCGAN into tensorrt?
They say that onnx supports DCGAN.