How to persist and save some data in trusty?

How to persist and save some data in trusty?

Can you provide a use case of what you are trying to accomplish? There are a lot of ways of preserving data, e.g., file saves, but it is impossible to really answer without knowing more about the data to be saved.

In my case, I just want to save file in trusty. How can I do it? Thx

If cant’t save file in trusty, please, How to persist data in trusty other than flash data.

What is the source of the file content? Saving a file is trivial in effort for many cases, but the answer depends on how the file content is being generated…what is in the file?

I want to save license data into trusty.

The license data is json structure data.

If you just want to save it, then use an ordinary file copy “cp”. Are you asking how to get the json to the Jetson from outside? If so, then there are a lot of ways to do this.

  • One popular method is to use ssh network copy…the command would be “scp”. Example, if you are on a Linux host PC and the Jetson has IP address, with a login user name of “nvidia”:
    scp /where/ever/it/is/something.json nvidia@
  • If the file is available on a web server somewhere, you could also use a web browser or wget to copy from the outside world. Simply start a web browser and open the file at the right URL and use the browser to “save” the file.
  • You could also copy it to an SD card and then mount the SD card on the Jetson and copy from the SD card. More information is available if you want to try this. Usually an SD card is auto mounted and you might need to know how to find the right location.
  • If you have a text based program sending the output to the terminal, then you could redirect via “>”. Let’s say you have program called “spitOutContent”, and you run it on the command line, and it simply echos the content of the json:
    spitOutContent > new_file.json
    spitOutContent | tee new_file.json
    (the former does not show you what is being saved, the latter simultaneously saves to a file and shows you what is being saved)