How to pipe to NvEncoder (or decoder or ...)

Here I am trying to pipe the input of my Blackmagic Decklink card to the NvEncoder of the SDK samples.
But it does not accept -i - as an input.

ffmpeg -f decklink -r 25000/1000  -i "DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K@22" -f nut -| NvEncoder –i -  -inputFormat 0 -size 3840 2160 -codec 0 -preset hq -bitrate 21000000 -fps 25 -o output.ts


../common/src/NvHWEncoder.cpp line 1560: invalid parameter  –i

Is there another way to do this simple operation ?

use -i instead of –i
You hit the wrong key.

OMG, that did it.

However, the command generates a 0KB output.ts file… So I am still not there ;(