How to place the jumpers on Xavier NX to put it in Force Recovery mode?

I am trying to flash a new Xavier NX kit using SDK Manager and I need to put it in Force Recovery mode for the SDK Manager to recognize it. From these instructions, it is mentioned to ‘place a jumper across’ pins 9 and 10 (GND and FC REC). I am not sure how to ‘place’ this jumper.

I have these jumper cables with me and I have two of them (from one end) put onto the pins 9 and 10 and the other end is free. How should I proceed?

I have flashed TX2s before but there were physical buttons on TX2 board and not these pins. Any specific instructions are massively appreciated. Thanks.

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You just need to short those two pins together during either power up or power reset. The pins do not need to be held down for any particular length of time as they are sort of like a “shift” key on a keyboard. So short the pins, plug in power, and then remove the jumper.

May I ask what do you mean by ‘shorting’ the pins? How do I do this?

Most people just use a 2-pin jumper. Or you could take a single one of your wires, connect one end to the pin for “recovery mode”, and the other to the ground pin next to it. Then add power. Then remove the cable/jumper.

The location of the pins might make it hard to spot the right pins. There is a silkmask which labels those pins (if you have a good eye and good light and know where to look).

You can read this:
…but the specific part you are interested in within that doc is:

7) To ensure that the developer kit starts in Force Recovery Mode, place a jumper across the FRC pins of the button header on the carrier board.
• For carrier board revision A02, these are pins 3 and 4 of J40, which is located near the camera header.
• For carrier board revision B01, these are pins 9 and 10 of J50, which is located on the edge of the carrier board under the Jetson module.

Note that the a02 revision was very early on, mostly only on some of the early evaluation kits, and it is highly likely you have a b01 revision (you might want to verify though).

This image shows where the silkmask marks pin 1 of the header:

Find pin 1, and then count over to the pins 9 and 10. Look closely at the silkmask. One should be named after “RST” (“reset”) or similar, the other should be marked “GND”. Shorting those two pins prior to power up or during power reset puts the Jetson in recovery mode. You can remove the shorted wire as soon as powered up (you would not want to leave the jumper in place).

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Thanks a ton, linuxdev. Now I understand what does shorting the pins mean (connecting one end of the wire to FC REC pin and the other to the GND pin).

For now, I used the SD card method to flash my Xavier NX but if I want to repeat the process in the future, I will try this method.