How to porting Realtek 8852Be bluetooth driver into btusb


I want to integrate the BT driver of Realtek 8852be into Jp5.1.1

I have received the Realtek driver and it can build on kernel 5.10.104

The module named rtk_btusb.ko

The Bluetooth of rtl8852be can work fine by the following step:

  1. remove the default btusb.ko in Jp5.1.1
  2. insmod rtk_btusb.ko
  3. add rtl8852bu_config and rtl8852bu_fw binaries offered by Realtek

I have 2 questions

  1. I have another Realtek wifi card(rtl8822ce) and it’s bluetooth work fine in Jp5.1.1, Does Jetpack default use btusb for all bluetooth modules?
  2. I need to porting Realtek 8852be to Jp5.1.1 without using rtk_btusb because rtk_btusb seems conflict to btusb, how can I integrate them?(we need to support not only Realtek wifi module)

Please correct me if I understand anything wrong

Basically you could check lsmod and see if that module is inserted when you run bluetooth device.

Actually these are kind of dependencies problem with a Realtek problem. We are not the right one to answer this. You may need to check with Realtek.

For example, I don’t know whether you coudl remove rtk_btusb or not. If removing it would cause default Orin NX ethernet fails to work, then I would suggest don’t remove it.

OK thanks

Hi @WayneWWW

Sorry to bother again

Is there any m.2 e key Wifi 6 module default support in jetson platform?

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