How to power J100 carrier board?

In the J100_technical_reference,they say that "The J100 may be either powered by the on-board power connector (J11) or by plugging it into a modular motherboard and by supplying power to the connectors J15 (60 pin) and J17 (30 pin). "I want to know that if I want to power J100 carrier board by the first approch, what should I prepare? Or where should J11 be plugged?

Hi, for this kind of third part board, to query vendor directly would be more effective way. Regarding this J11, there is a pins list table in technical reference, it is four pins connector, seems a customized cable is must.

Thank you very much! I will query vendor directly.

Did you get any update from Auvidea? What type of connector is it?

EDIT: Looks like it may be a Molex Picoblade 4-pin connector. Try these:

Thank you for your reply! I have solved the problem about the power supply. But I can not use J100 because I can’t build the imx219 driver in TX1’s kernel, and I still have not solved this problem. Do you have some suggestions?

Unfortunately no. I bought a J100 (it’s in the mail) for my TX2 before reading all the forums posts from people like you who have so many problems, and are not getting any support from Auvidea. I will still try to get it working, but I’m not hopeful.

I’m curious though: How did you solve the power supply issue? Did it end up being a picoblade connector after all?