How to power off Xavier when ignition (KL15) is off

Hi there,

We are using DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ Developer Kit in vehicles and connecting the KL30 power to vehicle battery.

We found that it will always turn on with KL30 power connected, even if ignition power (KL15) is off.

What we expected is the system should be off if the KL15 power is off. Is there anyway to do that?


Hi wenbinjlumj,

DRIVE AGX Xavier power on/off is controlled by the Aurix MCU on the Devkit. KL15 functionality to power off the system is not enabled in the software on the Aurix, and software programmability to modify the control of the KL15 is not yet available with the SDK.

Hi Luke,

Has there been any updates to enable the functionality of the KL15 line? If not, are there any plans to enable this in the future?


We have no plan to enable it. You need to contact with the firmware vendor, Vector. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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