How to power up a PCIe card for multiple kinects

Hello guys!
I’m trying to use the Jetson TX2 card with multiple kinects (v2), let’s say from 2 to 3 at maximum.
I have this PCIe card:
Of course if I plug in the Kinect (even a single one) into one of the USB slots of the PCI card, it will not work because of lack of power, so I need to power up the card.

And here’s my question: I’m not an expert and I really do not want to accidentally damage the Jetson card, so which method is best to power up the PCI card?
I mean, should I connect the SATA port of the PCI card with an external power supply (and if so, which voltage and current requirements should that power supply have?), OR connecting the SATA port of the PCI card with the SATA port of the Jetson is enough?
I’m sorry if this is a n00b question!

Hi, there are power rail pins in the PCIe port, so no need other power for it, but regarding the PCIe card, you’d better to query vendor if the external power supply needed.

Well, I’ve tried the PCIe card without external power and only USB 2.0 devices get detected. I want to use this card with multiple kinects, which use USB 3.0.
I’ve tried this PCIe card on a PC with the external power granted by the PC power supply, and it works well with 3 kinects at the same time.

So now I’ve tried to power up the PCIe card with and external power supply by using the SATA port, and it works! I used a common PC power supply.