How to Print information

I want to print information in some scripts, but it can’t be printed out in the console, no matter what function I use,like printf() g_print() NVGSTDS_WARN_MSG_V()…why?

May I know more info about your issue? this seems does not relate to deepstream? what scripts you used? and on what platforms?

e.g. I want to print “Hello world” in deepstream_app.c. deepstream4.0 tx2.How to do it?

g_print() works, you need to make sure the function you added to be called.

static gboolean
bus_callback (GstBus * bus, GstMessage * message, gpointer data)

it doesn’t work.

destroy_pipeline (AppCtx * appCtx)
gint64 end_time;

it doesn’t work,either

in deepstream_app_main.c
main (int argc, char *argv)

g_print("Hello world\n");

”Hello world“ didn’t show up at the console

thank you ,it works, when i use ./deepstream-app it works