How to proceed with designing process of Jetson Xavier AGX?

I need to customise the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX and make a carrier board for it.

I have simple requirements. I plan to have a carrier board quite similar to the Development kit, with the modifications:

  • More USB ports using PCIe-to-USB3 interposer card
  • Removal of redundant ports like USB2.0, etc
  • Ruggedisation of all ports (like discussed here)

I already have the design files (CAD and gerber files), How should I proceed to develop a board by self (only sticking to the designing part)?

I plan to get the PCBs ordered and components soldered by third-party vendors and not by self.

There is Xavier OEM DG and carrier board reference schematic in DLC for your reference. Customer can make their own design based on that.

If you are not to design the PCB by yourself, you may two choices,

  • find 3rd party products: short delivery but may not fit nicely as you want
  • find a good partner to develop it: cost and time, but make as you want

@Trumany @MtHiker What if I aim to replace the already existing ports with industrial level ports ?

It depends on PCB suppliers;

  • extra engineering cost might be asked
  • or might not be accepted

I do not have such experiences.

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It’s OK to replace with industrial level connectors.