How to profile Jetson applications by Nsight Graphics

When I connect Jetson Nano via HostPC and use Nsight Graphics, I face ERR_NVGPUCTRPERM.

I tried the following links, but issue was not fixed.

Please teach me how to fix this issue.

You are talking about Nsight Graphics? Rather than Nsight Systems?

Nsight Systems has support for Tegra and Jetson, you can find that version in JetPack.

Nsight Graphics does not have support for Tegra.

Hi hwilper

Thanks for your replay.
But latest Jetpack release note has the following highlights.

JetPack 4.3 Highlights:

NVIDIA Nsight Systems
Timeline enhancements to improve identification of tiny events
Option to disable CPU periodic sampling & thread state backtrace
Improved error reporting
NVIDIA Nsight Graphics
New Vulkan extension
Support for immediate mode
Improved visibility and detail in the events view

So I think Nsight Graphics has support for Jetson.

I stand corrected…that is a new one on me.

I will move this issue to the Nsight Graphics forum and ping someone for you.

Hello, you should use the root account for profiling on the Tegra platforms. The link you pointed to is for desktop configurations.

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