How to profile on Jetson/Drive platform with CLI/Script


I’m trying to automate profiling with Nsight Systems on the Xavier platform (we have a Jetson now, and are in the process of getting a Drive platform). This appears to be trivially easy on the x86 platform using the nsys
program, however nsys does not appear to be available on the Xavier targets. Instead the only programs available are quad_d and launcher.

Is it possible to get nsys for the Xavier platforms, or are we restricted to running the Nsight GUI for those platforms? If not, is there a way to automate profiling on the Xavier platforms at all?


Unfortunately the Nsight Systems CLI is currently only available for the Linux x86 target platforms. Porting that functionality to Tegra is on the roadmap, and we hope to have it soon, but right now we have no way to automate on Jetson.

Ah thank you for the insight, we’ll find another way to get the data we need.

Hello Baird,

Were you able to get those fine grain profiling data in xavier in another way? I have tried the nvprof but mostly got summaries and only for cuda applications. It didn’t let me profile cpu-details.

thank you

Curious, did you find a good alternative? We’re investigating the same scenario. We want to trigger capturing automatically on the Jetson, to be observed later on a separate host PC.

nsys CLI exists in aarch64 build of 2020.3