How to programmatically modify attibutes(especially for the datatype of token) of an OGN?


I created an extension to programmatically connect some customized OGNs inside of a SDG Pipeline once an animation is triggered.

Nevertheless, I also want to modify certain attribute, e.g., inputs:renderVar of this OGN called SD Render Var To Raw Array. Because for my project I need rendering output of HDRColor instead of the default LDRColor.

However, the datatype of this input attribute is predefined as “token”, which means I can’t simply assign a string “HdrColor” to this input since the datatype doesn’t match to each other.

Therefore, my question would be is it possible to programmatically modify/assign input variables with datatype defined as token?

Thanks in advance for considering my request!

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Hi there,

can you provide details on how the SDG pipeline is created? Does the pipeline work is you use LdrColor or LdrColorSD instead of HdrColor?