How to properly install Enterprise Launcher on a local network

Hi all,
I’ve just got the 30 day trial of the Enterprise and I am trying to figure out how to properly set it up, starting with the Enterprise Launcher installation on our local network.

We are trying it out because I was told that the free version of the Nucleus is not designed to be shared on the local network (it should be stored on the local workstation). And we really want to try out the collaboration features of Omniverse sharing content on our local server.

Here is the post where @dlindsey explains it to me.

From what I understood so far watching this video that I the Enterprise Launcher serves as a deployment package that can be easily shared and updated with other users.

Could someone please clarify some things to me?

  1. Does every user need an Enterprise licence or there is some sort of floating licence, limited number of shared licences available?
  2. The launcher itself must be installed on each of the user’s machines locally?
  3. Packages can be installed by the admin on the local server so each user get the automatic update?
  4. I assume the Cache should stay on each user local machine for the sake of performance?

I would really appreciate that someone from Nvidia help me out with it because I want to make the most out of this 30-day trial as we are seriousy considering to use it as our base rendering platform if everything works well.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Karol,

The Enterprise Launcher (IT Managed Launcher) is similar to the Workstation Launcher, however it allows IT Administrators to restrict configuration changes and application installations. (For example, the Workstation Launcher displays the Exchange tab, which is akin to an App Store for Omniverse, where the IT Managed Launcher does not. - Any applications needed by users will have to be pushed via a deployment script allowing the IT Administrator full control over what is installed.) - The Nucleus Server does not handle the deployment or upgrade of client applications. We have seen customers integrate the deployment scripts for Omniverse applications with system management tools such as SCCM and other similar applications.

Enterprise installations are typically tied to the additional installation of an Enterprise Nucleus Server which is the central server/location where all the user’s data will be stored. This requirements for an Enterprise Nucleus Server is an Ubuntu or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server running Docker/Docker Compose (Kubernetes coming soon!) allowing your users to work and save data in a single unified location (not tied to any workstation) to allow the very best options for collaboration.

For pricing information, we can definitely have someone from our Sales Team reach out to you and share the latest pricing information and suggested resellers. (I have your e-mail address through your user profile and we will follow up soon.)

For all the users that want to use Omniverse Applications, the Launcher will need to be installed locally. If users just want to copy files to (and from) an Enterprise Nucleus Server, they can do so through a web browser without installing anything, however they will need an account on the Nucleus Server.

Local caching is always preferred and should remain enabled.

Please let us know how we can assist further ensuring your trial meets your expectations. If you need your trial extended, I would be more than happy to work with you on this!

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