How to properly install if eth0 is disabled?

Is that what I should use for my hostid? The card/drivers are bad, so it doesn’t actually get network access. I actually have 4 ethernet cards installed, eth0 & eth1 are disabled.

I’m trying to install the lm* stuff.

Hi alspehr,

Flexlm on linux only reads the MAC address of eth0. We have no workaround for this. The alternatives are

  1. Configure a network card at eth0, so that the license manager can support multiple usernames sharing the license.

  2. Create a PGI-style license using the output of $PGI/linux86/7.0/bin/pghostid to allow one username only access to the compilers. (Note: run pghostid when logged in as that one username.)

Please contact for further assistance.

Best Regards,