How to push my ogl rendered image to HDMI port directly?

From NVAPI SDK,I found the “NV_HDMI_SUPPORT_INFO” struct has the “isGpuHDMICapable” element,what the meaning of it? I use OpenGL to render images in realtime,I want the rendered images can be displayed in the monitor
(or TV) connected to HDMI port,without transfer data from GPU(using “glReadPixels()”),is there any way I can use?

isGpuHDMICapable tells whether GPU is capable of driving HDMI or not.
Regd transferring data to HDMI port, it is up to application that which GDI device( \DISPLAY 1…etc) it use to render. May be opengl Driver knows it better.

NVAPI can help to make HDMI port active by doing modeset but not involved in render or selecting display to render.