How to put AGX into force recovery mode remotely, using serial debugging micniUSB port of AGX?

is it possible to use the mini usb port to put the Xavier into recovery mode from Host PC using the mini USB port?
Otherwise which solutions would you advise to be able to shortcut pins 9-10 of AGX working remotely over ssh from a Host-PC connected to AGX?. Any particular hardware solutions that you could advise? Like to
get the Host PC to invoke the FRC via mini-USB or somehow shortcut the pins? Else?
Otherwise are there solutions that you could suggest that could work for putting AGX into the recovery mode given there will be power on/poweroff signal triggered to them? Could you advise any hardware for the purpose of triggering the FRC for remote use cases? So that the hardware would be conencted to pins then remotely it will be either powered on or powered off to shortcut the recovery mode pins?

You can try command sudo reboot forced-recovery when device is already in fine boot up.

yes, but if due to some reason this particular flashing attempt fails it becomes impossible to do another flashing trial without onsite help
How to resolve it?
E.g. in our case hdmi emulator could get eventually plugged in that is the situation right now;
before I started flashing there was hdmi emulator connected that I wasn’t aware of. So it got flashed but I can not neither create user nor reboot in the force recovery mode. How to flash the second attempt without onsite presence? Maybe specifc hardware could be advised to get purchased that would do the 9-10 pins shortcut given it gets powered from 220/110v? or from 5v usb?
If I knew for sure there is the hdmi emulator I would have used the user creatin script.

I think there is no method. In that case, micro usb port cannot interact with board.

You can try to use something extra tool like phidget relay board.

like this Relay Phidget - REL2001_0 at Phidgets ?
PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4 - 1014_2B at Phidgets ?

Yes, something like that.