How to randomize the fixed joint's joint_positions in RL env?

For some reasons, I would like to randomize the fixed joint’s joint_positions in the RL env, such as the camera position tied to the robot. The now suppored method is usually to randomize the acitve joint’s position, What should I do to randomize the fixed joints’ position, such as the position related to the root link?

Hi @yinghuili - You can try that using Domain Randomization feature in Isaac Gym. Here’s the doc link: 2. Domain Randomization for RL — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

Hi, @rthaker -Thanks, I have looked at this link.The most related info I think is the Randomization of “joint_positions (dim=num_dof): The joint positions. In radians or meters.” But like I said before, I dont know If this function will work encountering the fixed joints, because the fixed joints will not be in range of dofs. What’s more, the fixed joints is different from the prismatic joints or revolute, wihch means that It s hard to define the Randomization params like radians or meters? Is this could be accomplished? Id appreciate it if you could give me some samples. Thank you!!!

Hi there, I don’t believe it’s possible to modify fixed joint properties at runtime. As an alternative, you can try defining each environment with a randomized fixed joint position during environment creation.