How to re-install CUDA 7.5

After I installed CUDA7.5 I deleted “/usr/local/cuda-7.5” file and “/usr/local/cuda” link too !
Now I want to re-install CUDA 7.5.
I tried more than three times but I couldn’t get “/usr/local/cuda-7.5” file and “/usr/local/cuda” link…
What should I do?

follow the instructions in the linux install guide.

Thank you for your reply txbob.
But I have done that …
Do you know what is the factor to get get “/usr/local/cuda-7.5” file and “/usr/local/cuda” link?
I’m worrying about that I deleted “/usr/local/cuda-7.5” file and “/usr/local/cuda” link …

If you followed those instructions using the runfile installer, the installer will create /usr/local/cuda-7.5 for you with a bunch of subdirectories.

The installer will also prompt to see if you want to create the symlink for /usr/local/cuda->/usr/local/cuda-7.5

If you installed via the package manager method, it should do the same. If you have all the items in /usr/local/cuda-7.5, then you can manually create your own symlink:

ln -s -T /usr/local/cuda-7.5 /usr/local/cuda

ln is a linux command. If you need help with that, try “man ln”