How to read the RTC time when jetson moudle is on standby?

in our board, MCU will be powered up before jetson moudle. and MCU need to read the RTC time out when jetson moudle is on Standby SC7 mode. in some case, MCU will not wake jetson moudle up. So how to read the RTC time out in this case?

please see-also Topic 220939, there’s a software bug related to RTC.

Hi Jerry,
I went through Topic 220939, it seems that this topic is about how to connect to battary. My question is if jetson has sleep now, how to read the time from it. Using a SPI or UART?

hello wangzhenwei,

I don’t think it’s doable for reading RTC time during suspend.
even though its hardware clock, you still need kernel active for reading the timestamps.

please resolve this,
you may see-also developer guide, Deep Sleep (SC7), there’re wake events to enable the system.


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