How to Read/Write file/partition in cboot

I’m using Xavier NX L4T 32.6.1. I want to ckeck the boot times is first or odd , even.
So I want to read/write a file in storage to check.
Is there any way help me to do that?

What does that mean you want to check boot times? Why not just do that in the userspace?

I want to check that boot is the first boot → power off → second boot → power off → third boot → power off → …
We want to verify product stability that it doesn’t lose data or device is out of action when it power off many times.
I will discuss it (in the userspace) with my team member. Thanks.

I think userspace is better since a “stable boot up” should go into the rootfs… but not just cboot.

Also, it is not 100% guarantee a failure boot would just stuck in cboot.

We have A/B redundancy mechanism here. Maybe it can help you.

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