How to rebuild Android and flash target board?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to modify and rebuild Android for adding our device into the system.
After installing the TADP R16.3, I can’t find the usb driver and os image which are mentioned in the flash section of the docs. (I use the Cardhu develop kit as our development board)

After searching on the forums, there should be a directory like “C:/NVPACK/Android_OS_Images/”, but I can’t find it, too.

Can anyone tell me how to get them or is there any documents or guides I can reference to?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

it’s not clear what you’re trying to achieve

is it connecting a custom built android image to windows via adb?

Hi Jones,

I want to add/modify Android source codes and rebuild it, since I want to porting our own device into development board.

I have found some docs and guides from the partners website, but I have another problem now.
There is no suitable package for me, the oldest version I can find on the site is 17r15, and it doesn’t support to Cardhu(T3) platform which I used as the develop kit.

Does anyone know where I can find older package? Or how to solve this issue?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.