How to record video of lane_detection output to a file?

I’m trying to save the rendered frames to a video file. I thought I can create a NvMediaVideoSurface, lock it (NvMediaVideoSurfaceLock), copy a frame into it, and then unlock it and send to a NvMediaVideoEncoder. However when I call NvMediaVideoEncoderFeedFrame the program hangs. It hangs on first call, so it’s not because I didn’t pull the data out of the encoder.

Is this the right way to record a video?


Dear gregory.gleibman,

Did you check/review below docs for your topic?

NvMedia Surface Allocation
NvMedia Porting Guide

Hi Steve,
I read the docs but didn’t find an answer. How do you make videos of your examples, do you use an external HDMI recorder? I just want to run lane_detection demo, drive around, and record a video file with the lane markings and other graphics I’m rendering on screen.