How to recover files from Jetson TX2

I’ve been using the Jetson TX2 for some camera things and it’s been working fine up until today – whenever I boot it up I get a can’t seem to get past a flashing “System program problem detected”. However, I have a bunch of images captured that I need to access to and I was wondering if it’s possible to access and recover some of the files on the TX2 via USB and a Windows host machine.

Hi nmtp123,
Some developers have ever tried with VM, but the Ubuntu host is still our suggestion.
You can search it from forum to find the similar case.

If you have images on the Jetson, then you might consider cloning the rootfs to your PC. See:

The clone would produce both a “.img” file, and a “.img.raw” file. I throw away the smaller “.img” since it cannot be used for anything but flash. The “.img.raw” can be loopback mounted on any Linux PC for examination, edit, so on.