How to recover Shield TV Pro (2017) after an error while flashing a developer image: Failed boot.img flash


I was flashing the Nvidia Shield Pro (2017) 8.0.1 official Developer image as per the instructions on Nvidia developer site.

The device is unlocked already, the latest drivers are used, a fully functional usb cable is used, latest android libraries are used on Windows 10 64bit. Every step is done as per the instructions and I have flashed successfully previous versions in the same way with the same equipment, the same drivers, the same cable and the same software.

After rebooting in fastboot and using the command fastboot “flash staging blob” the staging.img flashed OK, but while doing the next step per nvidia instructions: “fastboot flash boot boot.img” to flash the boot.img a message saying: FAILED (data transfer failure (unknown error)) appeared and the shield automatically rebooted, now I can’t get into fastboot mode or recovery to restore or reflash, nor can I boot the device. Here is a screenshot of the command prompt:

Please advice what shall I do in order to unbrick the device? Is this possible?
Thanks in advance!

Would it be possible to take out the hard disk, connect it to a PC via an usb disk case and manually rewrite the partitions with the corresponding .img files from the firmware image? I can use linux or ext2 volume manager on windows to recognize the partitions and then simply overwrite them but how do I extract the .img files and would this work as I hypothesize?