How to reduce high display output latency?


We observe a very high latency between the finish of rendering the image to be output over display port 1.2 and the attached monitor. This latency is round about 180 ms and can be observed with UE5 on several GPUs like RTX 3080, RTX A5000 GTX 2080Ti - all on Win10.

To research further, we implemented a small test app with DX12 (without UE5) and observed the same latency behavior.

What could be the reason for this latency?
How do we reduce it, if possible?

We are somewhat desperate, as many attempts of reduction simply
made no change.


Hello @CarstenSc and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

How do you measure the latency? And what Monitor are you using? Let’s start from that.

Do you measure based on a release built&baked UE project or from within the UE editor?

Would you be able to share that DX12 app? Ideally in source?