How to reduce jetpack image for production

Hi All,

I want to deploy one of tlt nvidia model on jetson nx, but the image of jetapck 4.4 requried at least 16 GB space in memory.

Q1- I want to know, in your opinion, Is it possible to reduce size of image to only support the model?

Q2- In the jetpack 4.4 there are some package suck as vulkan/openGL/NSight, … There are accessory?

Q3- Is it possible to use docker container for this? Is this way can reduce the image size?

Q4- 16 GB jetpack image in my opinion is high, I want to know, Which of libs or packges used high space?
Really we need whole of this image in production?

Q5- I guess the huge part of this image is for OS, and I disable GUI and gdm and other services, but these are have small effect in image size, I want to know Is it possible to use light OS for this and then I installed some of packages like cuda/cudnn/TensorRT, …? Is it possible to control the size of image with SDK manager flashing into jetson?

We would suggest move root file system to the other storage device. So that you can get more space in running the system. Please take a look at