How to reflash my orin Nano/Nx via pxe boot feature of Jetpack 5.1.1

Hi Team

I would like to get the steps to flash(or change the Image and devicetree) of my Orin Nx device via PXE boot feature available in Jetpack 5 series

Hi Mr_JP,

Which carrier board are you using for Orin NX?

Have you referred to the following instruction to setup for PXE boot?
Flashing Support — Configuring a PXE Boot Server for UEFI bootloader on Jetson

Incidentally, if the Image and/or device tree is on “/boot”, and if that is exported on the host PC, then just change the content on the host PC. If the change you want requires changing a boot target, then you might need to flash the Jetson itself (perhaps think of flashing the Jetson as changing a pointer to a target, and the content exported on the host PC as the target when using PXE).

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