How to reflash SmartCow #Apollo Board

I would like to reflash Smartcow Apollo Custom Carrier Board with Jetson Xavier NX module so that I can get it back to factory settings. I initially contacted their customer support first but was told to post here with #Apollo.

They should step in to help on this issue. Please stay tuned.
If not, please contact them again.

Hey @vennusbear, Ryan from SmartCow here.

We can definitely provide the files necesarry to reflash the Apollo Engineering kit. Can I know a bit more about the issue you are having first, as there may be no need to reflash the board to revert it back to factory settings

I’ll definitely need the to restore to the factory settings as I’ve actually flashed the board using NVIDIA SDKManager meaning I’m now on the default version. Would really appreciate it if you could provide me the files so I can regain the Apollo boards features. Thank you.

Noted, I’ve asked our BSP engineers to provide you the base Linux for Tegra folder and instructions on how to reflash the Apollo kit back to its factory settings.

You should receive an email shortly.


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Alright, thank you. Hope to receive the email soon.

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