How to register a Holoscan Component

All - I’m new to Holoscan development and I have a question regarding registering Holoscan components.

My question is: Is it possible to register a Native C++ operator as a Holoscan component (e.g. lib)?

I have have developed a Holoscan operator/application that leverages opencv to modify video images from video_stream_replayer. I’m using the basic_workflow example as a template that seems to work just fine. Ideally, I’d like to register the operator portion of the application as a Holoscan Component and was wondering if its possible.

Please advise.

Hello, could you please tell us a bit more on the question?

If you’re wondering about a plugin system (loading operators as a shared library in runtime on demand), we don’t support a plugin system for native Holoscan Operator yet.

If you’re wondering about using the native Holoscan operator you developed in a modular way in other Holoscan applications: (In SDK v0.4, all operators were in a single CMake target and Holoscan library.) Since SDK v0.5, operators are now separated using standard CMake (separate add_library for operators and core). You could see on HoloHub for examples:

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Manual said that IGX uses Jetson orin+a6000. We attempted to install the NVIDIA Holoscan SDK into Jetson orin using sdk manager, but the sdk manager was unable to discover IGX devices. Is there any way to make Jetson orin be discovered as an IGX device?thanks

Hello, please open a separate topic on the corresponding forum, thank you.