how to reinstall jetson tk1 system from zero


I followed the step that were written in the quick start guide to enter recovery mode and unfortunately the display shows nothing now, how can I quit the recovery mode and reinstall the original operating system for Jetson TK1?
I want to go back to the point where I opened the Jetson TK1 for the first time.


I also have a question regarding that,
when entering the recovery mode will that delete and discard everything from the jetson? and how about the operating system? will it be deleted too?

Entering recovery mode will have no effect on Jetson. You can enter this mode, use lsusb on your host to see it exists if you want, and then reboot the Jetson however you want and the Jetson will be unchanged. Only flash software while in recovery mode would alter or destroy any of your old system. Basically recovery mode turns the Jetson into a USB device which the custom flash software recognizes, and reboot puts Jetson back into its normal functionality.

If you did not flash while in recovery mode, you have nothing in need of putting back…it is unchanged. So the question is if you ran the flash program or JetPack from your host while Jetson was in recovery mode…then you could possibly need further steps.