How to reinstall the system

I got a small TX2 from the company. And when I type chmod +x /usr I find out that I can’t use sudo nor su root. So I decide to reinstall the system. The question is that this TX2 only has there button says ‘reset’,‘power’ and ‘recovery’ and when I press recovery and reset as instruction form the internet I can’t get in to recovery mod. When I try lsusb form my presonal computer there is always no TX2


Did you connect micro-usb cable between Host and TX2?
Before REC and RESET button.

yeah…I did.

Is this a development kit carrier board? If not, does the carrier board you are using have a micro-OTG USB port? Are you using the micro-B USB cable which NVIDIA provides, or was this substituted, e.g., with a charger cable?

Basically one holds the recovery button down like a shift key on a keyboard, and then either power up or reset power while recovery is held down. Once powered or reset the recovery button does not need to be held. The host PC, via the micro-B USB cable, should show the recovery mode Jetson via “lsusb” (for a TX2 it is specifically “lsusb -d 0955:7c18”).

If your host is a VM, then this is very likely to be a cause of an issue. If the cable is not the one supplied, then usually lsusb works, but USB fails during the flash. If nothing at all shows up, then I suspect a hardware failure.