How to remove all Physx components from a Maya scene

Hi, Is it possible to remove all Physx components from a scene. I’ve deleted the default ‘PhysX’ group from the scene however i cannot disable the plugin as i currently get the following error:

"Services provided by this plug-in are
currently in use.

Unloading this plug-in may cause problems with
your scene, empty the undo queue and even crash Maya. To unload this plug-in
safely, remove all objects that reference the plug-in
and flush the undo queue either
with “file -new” or the “flushUndo” command.

The following services are in use:

  • Plug-in node(s) of type NvLocator exist
  • Plug-in node(s) of type nxContactLayerNode exist
  • Plug-in node(s) of type nxRigidSolver exist
  • Plug-in command nxReplaceDuplicatedRigidBody is in use"

any ideas?


This is hard to clean all of PhysX information in Maya. But you can solve the errors with some steps. The following is copied from my old comments for another user.
If you want to clean PhysX things from your sample, you can do it in the following steps.

  1. iterate all of the PhysX objects and remove PhysX object via PhysX Menu. Assume you have a box as rigid body, you pick it and go to menu Physx -> Rigid Bodies -> Delete Rigid Body. For clothing, you need pick and go via clothing’s sub-menu.
  2. go to menu Windows -> Hypergraph: hierarchy. delete PhysX and nxRigidSolve.
  3. Save to disk as ascii mode. Now you can try it again with UE.
  4. Optional(if you still have problem with UE): open the saved ascii mode Maya file in a txt editor. Need delete the following keyword (nxRigidSolver and NvLocator) in the middle of the .ma file: e.g.
    createNode NvLocator -s -n “nimaPhysicsLocator” -p “nxRigidSolver1”;
    setAttr -k off “.v”;
    setAttr “.lbl” -type “string” “”;
    Remove this field and other field by searching the above two keywords.
  5. let me know if you still have problem.