How to remove nvcc flags(attributes) in VS


Does anybody know how to remove command line attributes(flags) in “VS 2010 -> project properties -> CUDA C/C++ ->command line”
I would like to compile with
flag and when i put it in “additional options” program compiles but compiler output still shows -gencode=arch=compute_11,code=“sm_11,compute_11”
although it also shows new flag a bit later on so i dont even know for which architecture it gets compiled.
Also, the setting in “CUDA C/C++ -> device ->code generation” seems to have no effect whatsoever.
I am using CUDA 5.0 Toolkit

Right click on the project folder(through the Solution Explorer)
select ‘Properties’ which will bring up the Property page
select CUDA C/C++
click ‘Device’ and you will see the options for code generation and can change the arch-compute there