How to remove object from Frame/Batch meta if they appear inside a ROI in nvdsanalytics?

Deepstream version :- 6.0

I have a pipeline that looks like,

src-> . . . . → pgie → tracker → nvdsanalytics → sgie1 → sgie2 → sink

I have defined a ROI in the nvdsanalytics config file.
what I’m trying to do is, if an object appears inside the ROI, the subsequent elements (sgie1,sgie2) should ignore that object. I have gone through some posts on this forum related to deleting the metadata, but that was not useful, as I want only the objects that are inside ROI to not get processed by subsequent elements.

example to make it more clear :- if a car enters inside ROI then that car should be ignored by the subsequent elements.

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Hello, sorry for a late reply.
hardware :- Jetson Xavier
DS :- 6.0

could do it myself. I obtained object ID from NvDsAnalyticsObjInfo::roiStatus and then used nvds_remove_obj_meta_from_frame().
this is correct way right ?

please refer to this topic:Cannot remove obj from frame meta - #8 by minhsaco99

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