How to remove or add another second factor?

I have added a hardware key to the account and a Google Authenticator. Is there any panel I can de-register these second factor, or add additional security keys?

Additionally: how do I remove second factor? Please do not paste the link

as an “answer” as it is really not helpful.

What I would like know how to do is:

  • I want to register additional hardware keys (I have a backup key), - this does not say if I can add it
  • If my key fails, how do I unregister it and add a new one? Actually I want to add the other key now.
  • I have added an authenticator app, how can I add it to another device?. I see no option to show the QR code again. If my phone gets stolen I will surely need to remove the application installed on it from the account.

The FAQ is extremely basic, at the level of “computer needs to be plugged to mains” for people troubleshooting boot problems.


Hi @matlacki,

All options for second factor authentication can be found at the NVIDIA Profile Portal:

Best regards,
Tom K