How to remove target components from target machine

After flash the image and target components to the production version of NX module. The remained disk space is too small. So, are there any easy method to remove some components without re-flash? Such as I want to remove the CUDA-X AI components, how to?

Instead of removing things, I would suggest you can directly boot from external drive from the beginning.

Added note: When you flash you can disable installing some (or all) optional components. The GUI just doesn’t make it obvious sometimes.

In terms of removing packages the apt and dpkg commands are no different on a Jetson than they are on any other computer. Online docs for adding/removing/listing packages manually will work.

What’s the package name of the two components under “CUDA-X AI” that I can use to remove them?


Someone else may know, but I don’t know what the “master” CUDA package might be named. Be sure to not remove any “cuda-repo-...” file. A tool though for listing:
dpkg -l | grep -i 'cuda'

Perhaps a better method than guessing is to see a log of what was installed during flash…some “main” CUDA file might show up, followed by a list of its dependencies. I do wish to emphasize that you want to keep the repo packages.

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