How to remove the delay when running deepstream-test3 with rtsp source?

I’m running deepstream-test3 with rtsp from IP camera, like this:

./deepstream-test3-app rtsp://admin:password@

It works smoothly,but with an about 3 seconds delay.

How to remove the delay? I need a real-time output(500ms at most).

The default config file is for Xavier. Please refer to below link to modify it for Jetson Nano:

I’ve done this already.Before I do this ,I can’t even run the rtsp at all.

What I’ve done:
1.replace and modify dstest3_pgie_config.txt for Jetson Nano.
2.replace the prebuilt libs


and clean the gstreamer cache with

rm -rf ./~cache/gstreamer-1.0

Please also try