How to render an image?

I would like to render a still image.

I tried Edit > Capture Screenshot (F9) but it basically takes a screenshot of your entire screen and no way to change resolution.

I also tried Rendering > Movie Capture and picked Capture Current Frame.
Is this the approach that is supposed to be used, or is there any other way to render a still image?

Yes that is the way, and you can now pump up the path traced rendering samples to make the rendering better in quality, like 256 or higher.

Movie capture tool has some better controls , you can pick a single frame option. under rendering menu

Inside CODE 2022.1.0 Beta, after enabling the Kit Image and Video Capture, there is no Rendering Menu visible that could grant access to rendering features… is it not available in CODE ?

The message inside console seems ok with the startup code normaly executed.
2022-01-18 15:25:58 [Info] [] [1980.853s] [ext: omni.kit.capture-0.4.9] startup

Hi @didjich! Thanks for your question. I reached out to our development team. I will post back when I have more information!

Yeah omni.kit.capture is the core capture extension and omni.kit.window.movie_maker is the Movie Capture window for users to set the capture parameters for omni.kit.capture. So basically you may just want to enable the omni.kit.window.movie_maker extension.

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