How to report bugs with Tegra X11 Nvidia drivers?

I know the procedure to report bugs to Nvidia with desktop X11 driver. What is the analog for Tegra bugs reporting?

I have an issue with Plasma Active (current devel image) running on Nexus 7 (which uses Tegra 3). It’s about slowness with moving an X11 window (in my case Plasma Active status bar). Some suggested that it might be a driver issue. How can I properly report it / create a test case so you could investigate?


It’s a valid question about how to file bug reports against L4T.

But have you filed a bug against PA/Mer? Plasma Active uses a compositing window manager so moving an X11 window doesn’t go directly to X.Org but there are several layers in between.

Sure, I can start with reporting it against PlasmaActive. Do you think it should go to Mer bug tracker (since it can be PA hw adaptation specific), or I should file it to KDE/PlasmaActive bug tracker?

I think KDE/PA would be better. If it turns out to be e.g. Qt issue, a separate more specific bug report can be filed against Mer.

All test code (as simple as possible) will of course help the matter.

And please note here the bug URL.


Shmerl, email to report L4T-specific issues. Thanks!

kulve: KDE PlasmaActive bug:

ebrower: Thanks! Are there any helper scripts similar to the desktop version to collect the relevant data?

shmerl: a helper script to collect bug reporting data is slated for an upcoming release-- it’s not currently present in the R16.3 release.