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I am reading the DX12 Raytracing tutorial - Part 1 and it seems to be corrupted (at least in FireFox and MS IE): code snippets don’t contain new lines so most of examples looks as a single line; the attached code doesn’t compile and even after fixes doesn’t run.

Whit is the best way to get in touch with the authors to provide the feedback?

Hi @damir.tenishev,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. Let me reach out to the team and see if I can find the owner of the tutorial.


Just following up to see if this has been resolved?
I have tried the tutorial on FireFox 95.0.2, 64-bit and I think the code snippets have new lines, but I have not tried to compile or use. Some of the code lines are really long, but look the same as in Chrome, Edge and FF.

Please let us know if this is still an issue , its possible the other team has fixed it but didn’t tell us. If its still an issue we can escalate.
Thanks for raising this.

Just checked back with the FF Version 96.0.1 (64-bit), the issue persist.
The code lines not just long, they are missing new lines.
This would be compilable if they contain the code only, C++ not strict to new lines, but they use C++ single line comments which make all the code of the following lines treated as comments. And, of course, they are not readable.

If you line, I can make a screenshot showing how I see it it the browser.

Thanks for paying attention and for your time.