How to reset NvOFCuda between executions?

Hi. I am running NvOFCuda multiple times on the same input and I see that the output vectors are slightly different each time. I presume that the result from the previous execution affects the current one.

Is there a way to initialize NvOFCuda so that each execution gives the same output? Or is there a way to efficiently reset the internal values between executions? Something like nvOFInit?


Hi lalonde.jeffrey,

Can you help me understand what you exactly mean by ‘running NvOFCuda multiple times’?
A command line of a SDK sample or a pseudo code will help me understand better.

Please also provide information about what value you set for a variable ‘disableTemporalHints’ in NV_OF_EXECUTE_INPUT_PARAMS.

Any additional information e.g. reproduction application, OS and driver version, GPU used will help.


disableTemporalHints was set to NV_OF_FALSE, which was indeed the problem. After setting it to NV_OF_TRUE I can run nvOFExecute repeatedly on the same input and get the same output everytime.