How to reset simulation in Physx 3.3

After having run a simulation in Physx 3.3 (c-development), I would like to reset the simulation, i.e. that the actors, their speed… go back to their initial state. How should I do this ?

There isn’t any automatic reset scene functionality. You can reset the actors back to their original state manually (setGlobalPose(), setLinearVelocity(), setAngularVelocity(), setWakeCounter()). However, if you do it this way, you may not get the exact same behaviour each run.

To get the exact same behaviour each run, the best solution would be to destroy the scene and create a new one and add the actors in again in the same order as before in their original state, either by destroying and creating them again in their original state or set them back to their previous states using the functions mentioned above.

Ok, did as you proposed, i.e. recreating it all. Cheers !