How to reset the Innova-2 Flex SmartNic with wrong FPGA code (about pcie) which leads to the host boot failure?

I touched the “DMA/Bridge Subsystem for PCIe”(I turned the functional mode from “DMA” to “AXI Bridge”) in User Image demo. I burned the modified User Image to the FPGA by PCIe.

Then the server stalled at the very beginning during booting, even before loading the OS.

I want to reset the FPGA factory image now, but I cannot burn it by either PCIe or JTAG.

  1. 😞 I can’t burn the FPGA with JTAG, because “burning with JTAG” needs to be set by “Enable JTAG Access” using the official Open Bundle tool from the host.
  2. 😞 I can’t burn the FPGA with the PCIe, because it needs official Open Bundle tool from the host and Flex Image in FPGA.

I think the reason is that, the FPGA is loaded “User image” automatically when host powers up. But my “User image” is wrong which might make the PCIe probe failed and stall before “bios”.

Here are some complementary phenomena:

  1. If I remove the Innova-2 smartnic, the server boots successfully. Then I place the adapter in a PCIE slot, the server self-reboots and stalls before “bios” again.
  2. If I remove the smartnic, uninstall the MLNX driver, and then install the adapter, the host is OK but with the smartnic undetected. Then I reboot the host, it stalls before bios again.

Could anyone provide any advice? I will be appreciative for any help.


I attached the bundle to the mail I sent you.

You can burn the card outside of the host with the JTAG, do you have the right environment to do it ?




There’s no other way to enable JTAG access exept by the application.

No jumper on the card.

If you have a valid support contract you can ask for replacing the card.