How to reset the Jetson Xavier nx firmware?

I am having Jetson Xavier nx . I want to know that How to reset the Jetson Xavier nx firmware?
Please tell me the proper steps to do it as soon as possible.

This depends on what you want to accomplish. It isn’t really traditional firmware the way a desktop PC is.

To explain, Jetsons don’t have a BIOS. The content in the non-rootfs partitions (or other memory used in boot) more or less performs the role of the BIOS in setting up clocks, voltage rails, so on. I suppose you might call this firmware, but I don’t really consider this firmware. Plus you would flash normally and this gets updated correctly during normal flash. You could clone the rootfs, then flash the same release “reusing” the clone, and all of that other content would be updated while keeping the rootfs the same as what you cloned. Some procedures change depending on if this is a dev kit (using SD card) versus an eMMC model.

There is some firmware which individual devices use in “/lib/firmware”. Plus the device tree is technically firmware. This latter gets updated during flash since it is one of those other partitions (or QSPI memory).

Hi just building on this comment, so would I be able to re-flash the jetson again using an SD card to start fresh again?

If the SD card depends on the same firmware and boot content (and this is true for a range of releases, but then breaks every so many releases), then just using a new SD card (which has content paired with the current boot content) would work. If hardware changes (and thus firmware change is required), then probably you would also need a full flash and not just a new SD card.