How to reset USB device controller if device not listed in lsusb


Please let me know how to reset USB device controller.

I have a USB 3 camera which need physical unplug & plug sometimes.
In case of good condition, I can see device via ‘lsusb’.
In case of bad, I can not see device.


Please check the discussion in

Hi DaneLLL, Thanks, but I’m not good at that kind of things.
Please give a few more hints.

  1. How can I modify DTB?
  2. Why GPIO 349 is turning on off USB_VBUS_EN1 (pin no. A18 - USB1_EN_OC)?


On default carrier board, it should work by echo enable/disable to regulator.20, which is the VBUS of USB3 type A port.

Just in case anyone is facing the same problem where the simplest solution would just be connect and reconnect the camera but is not possible nor practical and you require a software side solution. Please refer to the following guide: