How to return Jetson Xavier back to normal operation?

So, I have a Jetson Xavier NX and I was doing some testing with supplying it power from a battery. I must have miscalculated the necessary power for the board, so when it turned on, after a while during operation it would reboot because of insufficient power supply. After a few subsequent reboots, the device completely stopped giving any visual feed through the HDMI.

To solve this problem, I removed my Micro SD card, inserted another one and flashed the Jetson OS to the new Micro SD card. I believe this somehow reset the board, because after that, I removed the new Micro SD card and inserted the previous one, and it worked as expected.

So my question is, this whole “flashing a new Micro SD card” process is time-consuming. Is there a more recommended way of accomplishing what I did, so if it happens in the future again, I don’t have to waste time flashing another Micro SD?

Thanks in advance.

How did you flash the BSP again?
With SDK Manager or balenaEtcher?

If the original SD card works after you re-flash the device with another SD card, then clearly the issue is not about the SD card, but about the QSPI memory on the module, where bootload stuff is located.

You can try this command to re-flash only the QSPI memory:

sudo ./ -r jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-qspi internal

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