How to run 4 MIPI_CSI cameras Simultaneously on LI_NANO-CB CarrierBoard ?


I am working with Jetson Nano module mounted on a LeopardImaging LI-NANO-CB (see here : and would like to run four LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-NANO-H90 (see here : simultaneously on that carrier board.

However after installing Gstreamer from the NVIDIA Gstreamer User Guide, only one camera, the one connected to J13 (CAM1) of the carrier board is detected and the other cameras are not identified.

Can anyone has an idea how to make them run together?



Hi darelli,

Regarding this issue, I’m wondering, does the kernel patches you’re using support 4 cameras? You can check that easily by looking the device tree.

If the driver works correctly for one camera, adding support for 4 cameras should be only to extend the device tree for more cameras. You can take a look to this documentation in order to know how to do this work: